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Pro Arena Table Tennis

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Thanks to genuine technical innovations, Pro Arena Table Tennis is the ultimate game of ping-pong, the most realistic and interesting on IOS.
Features :
- Look at the video of the game to convince you: Video-Link- Perform all high-level shots with facility thanks to the IA-sistance concept which assists the placement of your racket compared to the ball.- Use the virtual Paddle to steer your racket and give a direction to your ball.- Shoot all the shots of the ping-pong easily with the touch buttons TOPSPIN, CHOP, DEFENSE.- Perform incredible defense shots at 3 meters of the table in the manner of the greatest champions.- Challenge over 200 opponents (unlockable) with very different strengths and weaknesses, balanced by more than 30 qualifying parameters.- Train yourself with several training mini-games in solo mode to hit moving targets.- Select your camera from several types of dynamic and immersive cameras.- Relive the most beautiful points with different Replay.- The realistic blows of rackets result from human movements seized by motion-captures.- 3D graphics simple to focus on the gameplay and to offer the same gaming experience on all devices.- Immersing hyperrealistic 3D Sounds.- Work on all devices- 28 Mo to download only
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